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Scientists are always searching to find new treatment options. For example, treatments with a higher rate of success. Or treatment that is less stressful to patients. Especially university hospitals (such as the UMC Utrecht) perform a lot of research.

PLAMET study

As stated above, the palliative treatment of pancreatic cancer amongst others comprosis the placement of a tube (stent) in the bile duct. Usually a plastic stent is used because of its effectiveness and low cost. A disadvantage of the plastic stent is that it frequently becomes clogged, so that a new treatment is required. Metal stents (SEMS) get clogged less often because of their larger diameter, but are much more expensive. To date there is no guideline to determine the stent material. The UMC Utrecht coordinated the nationwide PLAMET study. The PLAMET study aims to determine which patients are best of with a metal or plastic stent. The stents are compared on the medical effects, costs and quality of life. You are never obligated to participate in scientific research. The physician will always inform you on the potential benefits and disadvantages. The webpage “participate in scientific research” provides more information.

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