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Ongoing Investigations

To improve treatment of tumours in the liver, continuous research is required to develop new techniques and treatment modalities.

Research also involves tissue and cells. In the UMC Utrecht liver tissue and blood is collected from patients undergoing liver surgery to remove liver tumours.

The growth of tumour tissue is highly complicated. Multiple factors determine its growth and dissemination. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to gather as much information as possible about the tumour, patient and the follow-up.

A clinical trail is a study performed with patients under strict supervision. A clinical trail can involve a study to optimize or compare commonly used surgical techniques or drugs. An overview of the ongoing trails is depicted below.

Hepatica trail (Clinical trail)

Involves patients that have had surgery for liver metastasis of colorectal origin. The trial is ongoing in 20 hospitals in the Netherlands. The trial investigates whether an angiogenesis inhibitor added to standard chemotherapy is of additional value in terms of disease free survival.

Please check the website of the Hepatica trail for more information.

Prima trail (Clinical trail)

Involves patients that are eligible for radiofrequency ablation for colorectal liver metastases. The aim of this study is to see whether selective clamping of the portal vein (Portal Pringle Manoeuvre) reduces tumour recurrence in comparison with clamping the complete blood flow to the liver.

Liver database (Clinical study)

Involves patients that are eligible for surgery for malignant liver tumours. In the UMC Utrecht tissue and blood is collected from patients that have had surgery for liver metastases of colorectal origin.

K-ras in tumour metastases (Ongoing research)

K-ras is a gene involved in malignant transformation and mutated in 35% of all colorectal tumours. This mutated gene plays an important role in the generation of liver metastases.

Inhibitor tumour recurrence after surgery (Ongoing research)

Many patients experience recurrence of the tumour after surgery. Many studies are aimed to elucidate the outcome of remaining tumour cells after the surgery.

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