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Slokdarm / Esophagus

The oesophagus is an important connection in the intestinal tract, connecting the mouth hand the stomach. It is a muscular tube that lies in the thorax, just before the spine. Its most important function is the transport of food and saliva from the mouth to the stomach. The inner layer of the oesophagus is a mucous membrane, which is covered by an outer muscular layer. With every swallow, this muscular layer constricts and propels the food to the stomach.

In the oesophagus tumours can develop in the mucous and muscular layers. Typically complaints only occur when the tumour has grown big. The reason for this is that the oesophagus is so flexible that complaints of swallowing or pain only occur late.

Anatomy and function of the Oesophagus

The oesophagus is a part of the digestive system. It connects the throat to the stomach and transports food to the stomach. The oesophagus consists of several layers. From the inside these are the mucous membrane and the surrounding muscular layer.

The largest part of the oesophagus lies in the chest, just before the spine, Next to the oesophagus there are many organs, such as the heart, airway, aorta, large veins, and the lungs. There is an extensive network of lymphatic ducts and lymph nodes that stretches from the neck to the stomach.