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The ESSO Hands-on Course on Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy (MIE) and Gastrectomy (MIG)

This two-day hands-on course in UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands) is unique in its kind. Both course days start with scientific lectures of high-quality by >10 international proctors demonstrating the evidence base supporting MIE/MIG and also showing (difficult) parts of the surgical procedures illustrated by expert operation videos to set the example. After the theoretical morning session, there is 5 hours per day hands-on practice in a cadaver lab setting with fresh-frozen cadavers to practice MIE/MIG at multiple laparoscopic and multiple robotic stations, while being proctored in groups of only 4 participants by the international experts pioneering (RA)MIE and (RA)MIG. In addition, the social dinner and program allows easy contact with the proctors and participants, and facilitates international networking.

This ESSO Hands-on MIE/MIG course is endorsed by the Upper GI International Robotic Association (UGIRA) and is standardly part of the UGIRA proctoring program. Please visit for more information on UGIRA.

Learning objectives

This course will help you to understand the advantages of performing MIE/MIG, to divide the procedure into standardized surgical steps, to gain scientific knowledge on specific MIE/MIG-topics and detailed parts of the surgical procedure and will guide you how to set-up your own robotic program in your own hospital. In addition, you will perform all detailed surgical steps of MIE/MIG and the proctoring by expert surgeons allows you to gain proficiency in performing MIE/MIG and to improve your laparoscopic and robotic skills. Furthermore, you can establish new connections with the participants and faculty members to solidify your international network.

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